The 2011 Sephora PRO Beauty Team

October 12th, 2010 / Posted by natasha

If you haven’t heard already from our Facebook page, then we have some awesome news for you….. Huge congrats to not one, but two of our Makeup grads, Sladja Markovic and Sherry Chen for making it onto the 2011 Sephora Pro Beauty Team!!

The SEPHORA Pro Beauty Team: You know that friend who always looks glam, has drool-worthy makeup, and gives you the best beauty tips ever? Now imagine 14 friends like that – and you’ve got the Sephora Pro Beauty Team.  These makeup idols know everything there is to know about getting gorgeous, and they’re always ready to dish up pro secrets.Meet our girls, Sherry and Sladja! If you ever get a chance to meet them in person, they’re so fantastic and outgoing and their passion for makeup literally radiates for miles on end.  They both paid us a lovely visit to tell us about their life-changing experiences. After beating out 191 contestants who competed in San Francisco, New York, Houston, and Salt Lake City for the second round, Sherry and Sladja, along with 26 others, were off to an intense five-day final competition in Las Vegas. At the end, only 14 were chosen as the best of the best artists to represent Sephora for 2011!

For the competition, they had to complete two challenges: media and makeup.

The first was a vodcast where they were required, on the spot, to educate the American and Canadian audience on a specific beauty product. The judges were looking to see how comfortable the contestants were in front of the camera. If you’re anything like me, your heart would be palpitating just imagining what it would be like being in that situation! The trick? Make sure you have done your product research (even knowing what customers have said), have faith in yourself, treat it as though no one was around you, and never apologize if you blank out.

The Sephora artists were asked to complete three looks: an editorial, an editorial-inspired day look, and a glamorous red carpet look. First, they were led into a room full of magazines and were told to cut and paste from the magazines to make a storyboard that would display their inspirations for their editorial challenge. Once their storyboard was complete, they had an hour to complete their editorial look (including hair) on a model selected at random.  With the storyboard displayed next to the model, the judges were able to easily compare the inspiration with the artists’ interpretation.


Sladja’s bold editorial look:

Sherry’s editorial look, “Travelling through darkness”, inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Lola perfume.

For the red carpet look, the artists had 45 minutes for makeup and 15 minutes to communicate with professional hairstylists how to finish off the look.  The contestants were instructed to coordinate the makeup and hair with the dress.  Here’s Sherry’s red carpet look on the beautiful Jamillette (second on the left):

They were two of three Canadians who made it to the finals, which is amazing when you consider Sephora opened here in Vancouver not too long ago! That’s Sladja on the far right and Sherry next to her.

Constantly surrounded by beautiful and talented people… they met Tarina Tarantino and Gina Brooke (Madonna’s personal makeup assistant and Artistic Director for “Hourglass Cosmetics”).  There’s Sherry with her mentor, Sephora PRO Beauty Team Lead Artist Nathalie Bechard from Calgary (bottom left). Nathalie’s a Blanche Makeup Grad, too!

Then it was the awards ceremonies! That’s Josie Maran (a supermodel who also has her own organic beauty line available at Sephora) about to announce the first 2011 Pro Beauty Artist! Sherry’s name was the first to be announced and it was followed by a moment of utter shock, goosebump-inducing cheers, and hugs all around. The winners all came home with the adorable Golden Brush 2010 Awards trophy, too!

Sherry’s advice on how to succeed: “Confidence is the key to success.  If you have this, people will see the passion in your work. Don’t just do your homework right before – if you love it, do it everyday, practice everyday and always be aware of trends and gather all the information you can to stay on top of the game.”

Watch this vid from Sephora’s YouTube channel! It documents the final competition in Las Vegas and introduces you to the rest of the new Sephora PRO Beauty Team. (Side note: did you know that there is a Sephora University in San Francisco?!)

Keep your eyes peeled for them! How’s this for an amazing life-changing experience? Not only do they get to work in THE Candyland of makeup (as I call Sephora), they will now get to travel around the world, help train fellow co-workers and visit store openings! When they’re actually in Vancouver, they’ll be working full time at their own Sephora locations – Sherry (Metrotown) and Sladja (Coquitlam).   In November, Sladja and Sherry will be flown out to attend the 2011 Pro Team on Boarding Ceremony to become OFFICIAL Sephora Pros!

We are so excited for you two! Here’s to a fantastic year!! *Clink*


  1. So proud of Sherry! We were in the same class and I could definitely see she had that extra sparkle. Go Sherry! We are rooting for ya…

    Comment by Amanda — October 12, 2010 @ 8:08 pm

  2. Congrats girls!! By the way, Sladja is at Coquitlam, not Lougheed….

    Comment by Jessica — October 13, 2010 @ 4:28 pm

  3. Isn’t this fantastic?! Oops – thanks for the correction, Jessica!

    Comment by natasha — October 14, 2010 @ 4:23 am

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