Take us back to the days we’ve never lived…

April 28th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

I spent the day at a creative photo shoot hanging out with a few of Blanche Macdonald’s most creative minds including Artistic Director, Photographer, Stylist and BMC Fashion Instructor Tyler Udall and Makeup Pro and BMC Instructor Jon Hennessey. Being a late 60’s/early 70’s-inspired photo shoot, it was awesome watching the collaboration and seeing how these pros put their twist on a decade we never lived or were too young to remember. We shot at the Waldorf Hotel, which is decked out in Teak wood, palm trees, random Tiki art, 1960’s wallpaper and shag carpet – a pretty perfect place for the shoot in a quirky sort of way.

This is Alicia, our model for the shoot.

Tyler was artistically inspired by the incredible American Photographer Stephen Shore and the constructed angular pieces of the late 60’s by Fashion Designer and legend, Pierre Cardin. When young Alicia arrived, he quickly adapted to her young and sweet appearance, keeping with the colour scheme and softness of textures explored. The concept transformed, in Tyler’s words, to “an early 70’s disgruntled pre-teen on holiday with her parents and not wanting to be there”, which you can totally imagine when you see these final shots!

Take a look at the series of behind-the-scenes pics along with the final, developed photos!

Both Jon and Hairstylist Nicole Lefaivre took a non-literal approach with the late 60’s/early 70’s references. Key elements for this first look include a nude lip and added drama with a strong focus on eyes and lashes.  After perfecting Alicia’s skin with selected coverage where needed to avoid a mask-like layer, Jon created a graphic lash-line and crease-line to give her eyes depth. He layered shades of camel and graphite instead of taupe and grey to create a new neutral. Definitely a softer, more subtle version than the heavy-handed way icons like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick wore makeup back in the day. Right before shooting, Nicole used the end of her comb to make her Anteprima Fall 2009 runway-inspired “hair bud” ‘do more wispy and angel-like.

The final shots for the first look… love the intimate feel and the effects you can create with film!

For the next few looks, Jon built up the intensity of the makeup with a more exaggerated creaseline and extra coats of mascara.  He highlighted Alicia’s tearduct in cream colour pearl frost and subtly glazed the eyelid, finishing the look with a black gel liner. As Alicia’s eyebrows were a good length to work with, Jon only needed to apply gel to give them an organic-looking texture without distracting from the eye shape. He then layered a couple of nude lip shades to nude the lips without making them look chalky. Nicole created two full buns behind the ear and we all stepped out into the hallway to take advantage of the light streaming through thin bamboo fixture. With the same hair and makeup, Alicia later slipped into a purple and white floral number. Alicia then changed into an Erin Templeton Kimono dress and Tyler worked his magic in the room and The Tiki Bar.

How incredible is this? 

Art Director/Photographer: Tyler Udall
Creative Director: Kelly Schmidt
Model: Alicia from LizBell Agency
Makeup: Jon Hennessey
Hair: Nicole Lefaivre
Stylist: Tyler Udall
Assistant Stylist: Alexia Anastasiou
Photography Assistant: Andrew Volk

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