Style and Shoot!

June 13th, 2012 / Posted by natasha

It was a super busy week for the Merchandising students.  Midterms, projects and their final photo shoots.  Here are some behind the scenes snaps of our students lapping up a bit of fashion luxury at the Atelier campus.

The rain may have been in full force but that didn’t stop photographer Andrew Volk from creating his epic images!

Student Alyssa Jarvis did two striped back psychedelic music fest looks.

Connie Leung embraced her love of anime and helps her model soar through the clouds.

Erika Kikuchi played with her grown up dolls in these fun and fashion forward looks.

Ivan Jimenez went all man this time around.  His hyper athletic supermodel dripping in animal print and desert storm fashion made all our hearts flutter.

Rebekah Lipsey-Ouimet explored the music fest scene as well as a graphic power woman on the prowl.  Sounds like Rebekah in a nutshell to us!

Fan up our official Blanche Macdonald Facebook page to see the finished results over the next few weeks and to check out more Blanche Fashion Action!


Behind the Scenes: Hobo Mag Fashion Editorial No. 13

July 7th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

Guess what’s finally published and circulating around the world?

A glamorous studio is definitely a luxury, but isn’t always needed to land in some of the hottest magazines in the world. Take this photo shoot for example. Amongst the flurry of events back in December, I made sure to check out what it was like to be behind-the-scenes for an editorial for the 13th issue of Hobo Magazine: a super rad bi-annual avant-garde lifestyle mag based in Vancouver and Paris, known to enlist and celebrate the talent of artists inspired by individuality and nature. There’s a good dose of refined fashion, art, film, current issues, and travel with a splash of unexpected celebrity features – all with original literature and beautifully shot, inspiring photos. Definitely a magazine Vancouver should be proud of.

Our brilliant Fashion Instructor, Tyler Udall (International Fashion Editor and Stylist), was the Art Director, Stylist and Photographer for this shoot. He had select pieces and accessories from Chanel, Rick Owens and Marc Jacobs flown in and chose from Ralph Lauren, Mandula and local creations from Anna De Courcy and Obakki. As you can probably tell by following The Que, prim, proper, glam and formulaic isn’t exactly what Tyler does. Raw, refreshing, spontaneous… that’s Tyler spot on.

Click through the jump for photos! Click to see full story »

Take us back to the days we’ve never lived…

April 28th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

I spent the day at a creative photo shoot hanging out with a few of Blanche Macdonald’s most creative minds including Artistic Director, Photographer, Stylist and BMC Fashion Instructor Tyler Udall and Makeup Pro and BMC Instructor Jon Hennessey. Being a late 60’s/early 70’s-inspired photo shoot, it was awesome watching the collaboration and seeing how these pros put their twist on a decade we never lived or were too young to remember. We shot at the Waldorf Hotel, which is decked out in Teak wood, palm trees, random Tiki art, 1960’s wallpaper and shag carpet – a pretty perfect place for the shoot in a quirky sort of way.

This is Alicia, our model for the shoot.

Tyler was artistically inspired by the incredible American Photographer Stephen Shore and the constructed angular pieces of the late 60’s by Fashion Designer and legend, Pierre Cardin. When young Alicia arrived, he quickly adapted to her young and sweet appearance, keeping with the colour scheme and softness of textures explored. The concept transformed, in Tyler’s words, to “an early 70’s disgruntled pre-teen on holiday with her parents and not wanting to be there”, which you can totally imagine when you see these final shots!

Take a look at the series of behind-the-scenes pics along with the final, developed photos!

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Presenting: Fashion Forecast

March 25th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

Find out more about our 2010 Fashion Design graduates and award winners @ Fashion Forecast Hints at Fabulous Futures.

And if you haven’t already, check out the Fashion Forecast scene – a whole lotta photos of our cool, gorgeous and well-heeled guests, the fab Blanche Macdonald team of students, staff and volunteers behind the scenes, the models getting prepped for the runway and the stars of the night: our talented Fashion Design grads and their designs!

What a night.

25 Snapshots from London Fashion Week

March 18th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

Thanks to our beautiful Makeup grad and instructor, Leah Elliston, we’ve been given a little peek into the FW/11 London Fashion Week!

That’s Leah standing in Piccadilly Circus where she took these great shots of the 2011 Burberry Prorsum Live Stream on the big screen. Loooove the coats and silhouettes! Leah’s fierce sense of style and expansive knowledge of the latest makeup techniques, trends and products (which she shares as co-editor of blog Smudge Style) earned her a press pass for Fashion Week.  She joined the rest of the world’s fashion force of designers, editors, buyers, socialites and industry pros in London’s spectacular and historic Somerset House, which is where she perused and took the following shots of the fresh, fall collections of over 150 brands in a close-enough-to-touch sort of way.

You can see the handcrafted gun-metal accessories from Fannie Schiavoni, the artfully constructed multi-coloured layered gowns from Felicity Brown, a silver and gold striped dress by Craig Lawrence and a fun sequinned vision from Holly Fulton.  There’s also an eye-catching scarf installation, a pearly white number by David Koma and a super cool display of Chunwei Liao’s popular PAPERSELF cut-paper eyelashes! Leah even wrote a quick blog post from the exclusive desks of the Somerset House’s press office. Take a look! Click to see full story »

It’s Zombie Fever with Howard Berger!

March 3rd, 2011 / Posted by natasha

Academy Award-winning Makeup Master, Howard Berger, dropped by our Uptown Campus a couple weeks ago to visit and demo some quick blood work. We fell in love with his hilarious stories and overall awesomeness. So we brought him back for a couple of full-fledged presentations! Not only did all makeup students have the opportunity to observe Howard’s fantastic Zombie demos on Monday, a day later, 18 Blanche Macdonald students and grads who were hungry for more signed up for a full day of advanced special FX personal training with him!

Those students received one-on-one instruction to help create their choice of casualty characters or the living dead, along with tips on making it in the industry, blood work and colouration. And as Howard is the co-owner of KNB EFX Group, Inc, one of Hollywood’s busiest special makeup effects studios, he brought in a bunch of KNB 3D Transfers in giant pizza boxes for the students to create all the bloody wounds they wished. Take a look at some of the pics we took from the workshop!

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Academy Award-Winning Makeup Artist Howard Berger Visits Blanche!

February 18th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

Well, the Special Effects and TV & Film students at our Uptown Campus sure got a nice surprise on Wednesday.  Academy Award winner for Outstanding Makeup, HOWARD BERGER, dropped by for a visit!!! This man is a legend! The Chronicles of Narnia (Howard’s fave film to work on), The Green Mile, Kill Bill 1&2 (Quentin loves working with him), The Last Exorcism, Sin City, Lord of the Rings, Land of the Dead, Austin Powers Goldmember, Thir13enGhosts, Predators, Scream 2, House of Wax, Fright Night, The Haunting and I Am Number Four (which comes out today!) – these are just a few of the films he has worked on. He’s also a familiar face here at Blanche. Howard has come in to demo casualty makeup and silicone ageing using 3D makeup transfers and silicone prosthetics in the past!

Here are just a few film stills from Thir13en Ghosts (2001), The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) and Predators (2010).
Source: 1, 2 & 3

Howard is currently in town shooting a new action-adventure survival film called “The Grey” starring Liam Neeson, which involves doing makeup on 30 dead bodies following a plane crash. He had called his friend and our fab Special Effects instructor, Cory Roberts, to tell her that he ‘might come by and visit if he got off set early’ that day.  Howard not only came by to visit, he arrived with a bag of fake blood in hand and gave us an impromptu demo on quick blood effects along with industry tips and hilarious stories! Soon after dashing in to say hi to each of the other Makeup classes, the students were spontaneously invited to sit in on his demo! Four classes of students in one Makeup room and many trying to peek in from the hallway… we were thrilled!!

DEMO #1: A Quick 3rd Degree Cut

After selecting our Makeup student, Chenade, from the sea of students, Howard mixed parts A&B of Sculpt Gel on a palette instead of in a jar.  He began to apply it on Chenade’s cheek in broad strokes. Molding it like a cut, he suggests keeping the design simple, reshaping as it sets. Tip: work fast. Urgency is key!

The red tool in this next pic is what he uses to paint on blood. You can fill the handle with 99% alcohol and control the amount you want to use.  Howard dipped the red brush into a mix of red tones with black from the Skin Illustrator palette and applied it onto the “wound”, making a really washy effect. To make the burn look more realistic, Howard applied fake blood in drips. He then cut a one-inch chip brush on an angle, dipped it into the red palette, and splattered the paint onto the “infected area” in a flicking motion.

Howard’s Blood Kit Must-Haves: 99% alcohol, Skin Illustrator Tattoo Palette, Visiora shadow, Telesis 5 thinner, Pros-aide, chip brushes, blood (preferably his special K.N.B blood formula which doesn’t stain), wipes, K-Y Jelly, and Matte Anti-Shine by MAC.

In between each step in the demo, Howard shared with us tips on how to make it into the Special FX makeup industry, how excited he is to do the makeup for “The Great Oz” – the prequel of The Wizard of Oz, how it was Uma Thurman who pointed out that he was ambidextrous, how he knows more than he ever wanted to know about dolphins after creating the “Maserati” – a mechanical dolphin for Dolphin Tale (2011), why he has his kids review his makeup before he shows the producers and how magical it was to do the Thriller makeup for Michael Jackson’s film “This Is It” where everything was painted on by hand like in the original. He even disclosed all the sick pranks he helped pull while having fun with fake blood including when his friend started banging a bloody, dislocated head on the side of a car while driving (not surprisingly, resulting in visits from the police).  Too awesome. Click to see full story »

The Fashion Forecast Scene

December 21st, 2010 / Posted by natasha

It happens every time we call Vancouver out for a night dedicated to showcasing the collections of our Fashion Design students.

Serious style.
Everywhere you turned.
All night long.

Ten minutes before the show started, the grand ballroom of the Westin Bayshore was packed with Vancouver’s best dressed, mingling, admiring each other’s outfits, buzzing away on Twitter, peeking in their goodie bags, and thumbing through their newly acquired issue of Flare.

The crowd spilled over to the waiting area splattered with tall tables draped in two layers of  crisp white linen and long stems of fresh ivory orchid centrepieces in cylindrical glass vases, chatting over a glass of wine or cocktail they picked up from one of three stocked bars.
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Fashion Forecast Hints at Fabulous Futures

December 10th, 2010 / Posted by kelly

If there was a theme running through Fashion Forecast, the Graduation Show for the Blanche Macdonald Fashion Design Class of 2010, it was one of wild eclecticism.

Luxurious evening gowns enwrapped in chains emerged down the runway after asymmetric avant-garde cutout dresses. Sporty shapes with an energetic vibe sprinkled the line-up followed by elegant historic silhouettes of Victorian-style Duppioni corsets. Frida Kahlo-inspired leather jackets with power shoulders commanded a strong dramatic flare in contrast with a flirtatious, entrancing stream of lingerie.

From the relentlessly wild to the distinctively wearable, in the glamorous surroundings of Vancouver’s Westin Bayshore Hotel, in front of 1,300 fashionistas from across Vancouver, Canada and the world, 43 talented designers and their collections illuminated the runway, proving that their year of creativity and hard work at Blanche Macdonald’s Fashion School was time very well spent.

Blanche Macdonald’s Creative Consultant for Fashion Forecast was Tyler Udall, whose incredible résumé includes stints as Senior Fashion Editor in London for publications including AnOther Magazine, AnOther Man and Dazed and Confused, Contributing Fashion Editor for L’Officiel and Teen Vogue and as Creative Director for the Agency Fred and Associates in New York.

“Graduation shows are a really fascinating time to spy on emerging talent,” enthused Tyler. “There is something to be said for the bright eyed optimism and sense of abandon students put into their debut collections before the wears and tears of the industry instil a seasoned designer’s sense of refinement. From street wear to the evening gowns that verge on couture, students are given equal opportunity to showcase their strengths, identify their weaknesses and ultimately learn so they can take their work to the next level. That’s why seeing such a plethora of aesthetics all melded in to one cohesive show is such a rare treat!

“I absolutely relish the opportunity to see the next generation of the fashion community make their mark. Of course not every look is going to be to your specific taste, but any industry professional with a decent eye could recognize moments of brilliance shining through. What an exciting moment to bear witness to!”

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Blanche Meets The Bay Fashion Show

November 12th, 2010 / Posted by natasha

All throughout my younger years, I referred to The Bay as “The Granny Store”. I would want to pinch my nose whenever I passed the cosmetic counters and I wouldn’t give their clothes racks and upper floors a second glance. It was only last year when I began to notice that The Bay had begun to revamp themselves (thanks to Bonnie Brooks) to offer younger, radically more stylish, hotter designer lines! Our Fashion Merchandising students delivered an impressive and professionally executed fashion show at The Bay Richmond to introduce new collections from the store’s latest fashion lines.  I dropped by early to browse around and to observe the hustle and bustle and the unfolding of such production!

In a cute little nook backstage, three of our PRO Hair grads took over the nearest change room. Inspirational magazine photos and the runway schedule were taped on the wall. Models walked in, sometimes with their stylist, gestured towards the desired hairstyle, and off the hairstylists went!  I observed the models parade out with glamorous soft curls, slick chignons, low-maintenance let-dry tresses, and some awesome avant-garde-inspired hair styles.The makeup was absolutely lovely and it was done by both counter staff and Blanche Macdonald students and grads at the NARS, Dior, MAC, and YSL counters. We saw wearable bright, bold lips, metallics, contoured faces, and smokey, turquoise-rimmed eyes.Another change-room takeover draped with black curtains housed the stylists and the clothes.  A handful of models hung out right outside the makeshift closet as the stylists put the finishing touches on them!  Meanwhile, the rest of the FM students rehearsed the choreography with their model trio making do with the stage and store aisles.
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