Style and Shoot!

June 13th, 2012 / Posted by natasha

It was a super busy week for the Merchandising students.  Midterms, projects and their final photo shoots.  Here are some behind the scenes snaps of our students lapping up a bit of fashion luxury at the Atelier campus.

The rain may have been in full force but that didn’t stop photographer Andrew Volk from creating his epic images!

Student Alyssa Jarvis did two striped back psychedelic music fest looks.

Connie Leung embraced her love of anime and helps her model soar through the clouds.

Erika Kikuchi played with her grown up dolls in these fun and fashion forward looks.

Ivan Jimenez went all man this time around.  His hyper athletic supermodel dripping in animal print and desert storm fashion made all our hearts flutter.

Rebekah Lipsey-Ouimet explored the music fest scene as well as a graphic power woman on the prowl.  Sounds like Rebekah in a nutshell to us!

Fan up our official Blanche Macdonald Facebook page to see the finished results over the next few weeks and to check out more Blanche Fashion Action!


Face Chart Transformations

February 29th, 2012 / Posted by natasha

We’re loving this series of gorgeous face charts designed by recent Blanche Macdonald makeup grad Marian Mina. Watch them come to life!

Marian translates her designs onto herself. Stunning!


Supermodel David Chiang Brings The Runway to Blanche Macdonald

June 23rd, 2011 / Posted by natasha

At Blanche Macdonald, we’re always proud of how our Fashion grads make their mark across the Fashion World.  For Fashion Merchandising grad David Chiang, his mark is being seen by millions every day.  It’s been four years since he left BMC and in that time, he has become one of the top male models in the world.
“Brave Hearts”, Vogue Hommes Japan Spring 2011; Stylist: Nicola Formichetti; Photographer: Steven Klein; Source: The Fashionisto

Between castings in Europe and right before he left to walk for Milan Fashion Week, this busy supermodel brought his gorgeous 6’2, fast-food loving, outspoken, good-humoured and loveable self (head to toe in his signature shades of black) to our Downtown Campus to catch up with the fabulous ladies in our Fashion Department and to hang out with one lucky Fashion Merchandising class.

Here he is with some of our amazing Fashion staffers Donna, Peggy and Mel!

David exploded into the Fashion Scene after his debut in Fall 2010.  His stunning looks quickly made him a favourite for the international runway: Rick Owens, Paul Smith, Ermenegildo Zegna, Missoni, Richard Chai, Diesel, rag and bone among many others… and even as an exclusive for Dior Homme. He’s also the first Asian model to ever walk for Emporio Armani. His all time fave show? Alexander McQueen’s final Menswear Fall 2010 where McQueen personally asked David to stay for fittings.
(L-R) Alexander McQueen Fall 2010, Diesel Black Gold Fall 2011, John Varvatos Spring 2012 in Key Outfit.

David’s dream is to walk the catwalk with wings on. Victoria’s Secret wings. Specifically, Tyra’s wings. Given the whole gender-bending model trend going on, this just might happen. David’s androgynous looks, and those of his fellow model and bestie, Andrej Pejic, have made them two of the most recognized faces that currently defy the norms in the modelling industry. While we may have to squint our eyes and lean closer to he monitor to see how his handsome features work as a woman, some of the world’s most iconic designers were quick to take note. Even Karl Lagerfeld told David that he was a “very beautiful Chinese girl”!(L-R) Yohji Yamamoto Spring 2012, Dior Homme Fall 2011 Exclusive, Emporio Armani Fall 2010

Read more about David Chiang in his interview with The New York Times’ Fashion blog, The Cut.

Hey Fashion, Makeup & Hair students and grads – recognize these industry pros?

(Clockwise from Top Left) David with Makeup Artist legend Pat McGrath, Fashion Designer (ex Artistic Director of Nina Ricci) Oliver Theyskens, Fashion’s Fave Photoblogger Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil, Duffy (top Hairstylist), BMC’s Fashion Queen Peggy Morrison (naturally) and the creator of The Fashionisto, Carl. Source: David’s Facebook page

And for more eye candy… the models. These photos are from David’s “David Loves…” Facebook Album. Check out those cheekbones!

It’s times like this when we take a second to breathe from our busy, exciting lives to remember just how many of the people who have crossed our path have had the honour to meet, mingle and work with so many of the top actors, musicians, models and industry pros, that we are reminded of how small the world really is.

Six degrees of separation? How about one. If Karl Lagerfeld had his own Facebook, he’d probably be showing up on our “suggested friends” list right about now…

Our Youngest Student Yet…

May 20th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

What do you like about Fashion, Evelyn?
“… it’s pretty.”

Who could say no to a Fashion-loving seven year old who asked to sit in on a class for her school project?  Here’s little Evelyn Rees in Peggy’s Fashion Awareness class, watching intently and diligently taking notes on early 60′s fashion for her school report.

Evelyn’s favourite part of the class? Peggy’s legendary show and tell where we oohed and aahed while Fashion Merchandising students Leanna, Erica, Vivien and Tia paraded around the room in select decade pieces from Peggy’s amazing collection.  And after the slideshow presentation on 60’s fashion (a real blast from the past), which included photos of Peggy wearing the same outfits from show and tell, it’s no surprise that Evelyn officially declared Peggy to be her new Fashion muse!!

Evelyn’s fave outfit: “Love the black and white Dress.”

Too adorable. We gotta keep our eyes on her. Could she be the next Tavi in the making?

Wrapping Up Robson

May 6th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

My, how things have changed. Just a few months ago, we were ramping up to do our anticipated renovations of our Uptown City Square Campus and lo and behold, like the law of attraction, some gifts came in really BIG packages. Who would’ve thought that we would be taking over our own Robson block? The Blanche Macdonald Block. Now, that sure does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Right beside our Downtown Robson Campus, we’ve landed the deal of the century or dare we say, millennium? Blanche Macdonald has started the build-out of our third campus, Atelier, including our first ever student-operated Hair Salon – Q & A, and our own beauty boutique – CurliQue. Racking up over 25,000 square feet with a huge retail presence on the ground floor, flagship corner space and the entire second floor, watch for the launch in the late summer, early fall!

Already, the celebrity line up of brands has left us breathless.

Outside of Sephora, the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey)-owned brand Make Up For Ever is being reintroduced to Blanche Macdonald, not only as part of our Student Makeup kits but also as a major presence in our store. Did you know that one of the first cult makeup lines, Kevyn Aucoin, has gotten a little brush up with the stellar Jeanine Lobell, founder of Stila and Celebrity Makeup Artist, as its new Chief Creative Director? Keep an eye out for this prestige line at CurliQue and a Signature Series event with the absolutely fab Ms. Lobell. (Wonder if she will bring her Top Gun/ER hubby Anthony Edwards along for a visit?)

And Bumble & bumble. B&B University + Blanche Macdonald = World Domination of Hair.

Let’s not forget our whole Hollywood North connection and the proliferation of Blanche Macdonald grads with IATSE local 891, ACFC and beyond. Yes. We will also carry Film, TV and FX products for all your gooey gore.

Uptown, we have City Square. Downtown, there’s Robson. Now Midtown, we will have our new Atelier Campus and its stores. As for the next incarnation, rumour has it that things could be blowing East. Hogtown? Now, we’ll have to come up with a better name than that!

In the meantime, check out the rest of the temporary window wraps going up at Robson and Homer! Makeup created by our own BMC Makeup luminary, Timothy Hung.

Before: a glossy new building on the corner of Robson and Homer in need of some love.

Installing the first of the window wraps!

Finishing touches!

The Blanche Macdonald Atelier Campus is almost all wrapped up.
No peeking until late summer/early fall!

Academy Award-Winning Makeup Artist Howard Berger Visits Blanche!

February 18th, 2011 / Posted by natasha

Well, the Special Effects and TV & Film students at our Uptown Campus sure got a nice surprise on Wednesday.  Academy Award winner for Outstanding Makeup, HOWARD BERGER, dropped by for a visit!!! This man is a legend! The Chronicles of Narnia (Howard’s fave film to work on), The Green Mile, Kill Bill 1&2 (Quentin loves working with him), The Last Exorcism, Sin City, Lord of the Rings, Land of the Dead, Austin Powers Goldmember, Thir13enGhosts, Predators, Scream 2, House of Wax, Fright Night, The Haunting and I Am Number Four (which comes out today!) – these are just a few of the films he has worked on. He’s also a familiar face here at Blanche. Howard has come in to demo casualty makeup and silicone ageing using 3D makeup transfers and silicone prosthetics in the past!

Here are just a few film stills from Thir13en Ghosts (2001), The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008) and Predators (2010).
Source: 1, 2 & 3

Howard is currently in town shooting a new action-adventure survival film called “The Grey” starring Liam Neeson, which involves doing makeup on 30 dead bodies following a plane crash. He had called his friend and our fab Special Effects instructor, Cory Roberts, to tell her that he ‘might come by and visit if he got off set early’ that day.  Howard not only came by to visit, he arrived with a bag of fake blood in hand and gave us an impromptu demo on quick blood effects along with industry tips and hilarious stories! Soon after dashing in to say hi to each of the other Makeup classes, the students were spontaneously invited to sit in on his demo! Four classes of students in one Makeup room and many trying to peek in from the hallway… we were thrilled!!

DEMO #1: A Quick 3rd Degree Cut

After selecting our Makeup student, Chenade, from the sea of students, Howard mixed parts A&B of Sculpt Gel on a palette instead of in a jar.  He began to apply it on Chenade’s cheek in broad strokes. Molding it like a cut, he suggests keeping the design simple, reshaping as it sets. Tip: work fast. Urgency is key!

The red tool in this next pic is what he uses to paint on blood. You can fill the handle with 99% alcohol and control the amount you want to use.  Howard dipped the red brush into a mix of red tones with black from the Skin Illustrator palette and applied it onto the “wound”, making a really washy effect. To make the burn look more realistic, Howard applied fake blood in drips. He then cut a one-inch chip brush on an angle, dipped it into the red palette, and splattered the paint onto the “infected area” in a flicking motion.

Howard’s Blood Kit Must-Haves: 99% alcohol, Skin Illustrator Tattoo Palette, Visiora shadow, Telesis 5 thinner, Pros-aide, chip brushes, blood (preferably his special K.N.B blood formula which doesn’t stain), wipes, K-Y Jelly, and Matte Anti-Shine by MAC.

In between each step in the demo, Howard shared with us tips on how to make it into the Special FX makeup industry, how excited he is to do the makeup for “The Great Oz” – the prequel of The Wizard of Oz, how it was Uma Thurman who pointed out that he was ambidextrous, how he knows more than he ever wanted to know about dolphins after creating the “Maserati” – a mechanical dolphin for Dolphin Tale (2011), why he has his kids review his makeup before he shows the producers and how magical it was to do the Thriller makeup for Michael Jackson’s film “This Is It” where everything was painted on by hand like in the original. He even disclosed all the sick pranks he helped pull while having fun with fake blood including when his friend started banging a bloody, dislocated head on the side of a car while driving (not surprisingly, resulting in visits from the police).  Too awesome. Click to see full story »


December 28th, 2010 / Posted by natasha

Styled by: Kristi Abramson
(Tyler’s Styling Class)

Wishing You All A Fabulous Holiday

December 17th, 2010 / Posted by natasha

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the school
Blanche staff and Blanche students were dreaming of Yule,

Preparing to take a few days of well-earned rest,
When a certain St Nicholas came to the front desk.

“Excuse me young ladies, this might sound a tad rich,
But my prosthetic beard is beginning to itch,

“’Tis my busiest season, I don’t want to risk it,
I’m hoping a makeup artist would be able to fix it,

“And I’m told that red coat, paired with red pants,
Is just so last season.  Is there any chance

“That a student or teacher from the fashion school
Could whip me up something a little more cool?

“Could the hair students help out with poor Rudolph’s mane?
He had highlights in May and it’s never been the same.

“And Mrs Claus always takes hours to get ready,
Any chance of fitting Blitzen in for a pedi?

All these and more were provided for free,
Happy Christmas to all, from your friends at BMC.

The Fall

November 16th, 2010 / Posted by natasha

No matter what situation you’re in, keep it stylish.Styled by:  April Rose Rivera
(Tyler’s Styling Class)

Just Fly

October 28th, 2010 / Posted by natasha

Hmm.. Taylor Momsen’s sister who smiles?

Styled by: Lulu Pan
(Tyler’s Styling Class)

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